Why am I seeing this page?
Domain fas-1.com is parked under Host1Plus client name
and is fully activated and ready to use.
Would you like to point fas-1.com to your website?
  • Log in to you Client Area.
  • Click DNS Management.
  • To add a new domain zone, go to Add a domain and enter the required information.
  • Choose your service and enter your IP.
  • Click Add for your new zone to appear under Your Zones

Why do you need DNS management?
Domain name system (DNS) is an essential component of modern internet communication. It allows you to reference computers by names instead of IP addresses and points to your domain zone records.
DNS is crucial for online identification and setting up NS records is often necessary for websites, SSL certificates, software licensing, authorization, mail servers, search engines, etc.
How do we make it simple?
At Host1Plus, you get additional value while purchasing services with domain registration. Using our DNS manager, you can change your DNS records directly at the Client Area. A simplified DNS management interface helps you avoid complexity and frustration. Enjoy full control and perform changes yourself!
Simplified interface
Simplified interface
All records can be quickly added, edited or removed in just a few clicks.
Easy management
Easy management
All records can be quickly added, edited or removed in just a few clicks.
Automatic configuration
Automatic configuration
Everything is set up automatically without the need for our support team to interfere.
Instant propagation
Instant propagation
All changes are applied straight after you save your DNS records.
Full control
Full control
Manage your forward and reverse DNS records all by yourself.
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